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Motorola's new LS350 is designed for the first-time pager user who wants an entry-level "hip" pager to stay in touch with friends and family.  This numeric pager offers:  30 message slots, the ability to save messages when changing the battery, a smart alarm, time and date on standby, selective erase, and three musical alerts.  In addition, the LS350 has silent vibration, message time stamping, the ability to lock messages and and easy-to-read backlit display.

Advisor Gold / Advisor II


Witness a miracle for yourself and get the technology you want with the features you need - all in one small, powerful package.  Advisor Gold has a four line display for easy reading of text and numeric messages.  Very advanced features including a personal notebook and message alarm make this a high tier word message pager.

Advisor Gold User Manual

Bravo LX


The Bravo LX is a numeric pager designed to meet the needs of active professionals, with sixteen-message memories and extensive easy-to-use message-handling features. Users can store up to 16 numeric messages, and automatic message time-stamping records when messages are received. Important messages can be locked into memory and messages are saved when the pager is turned off or when the battery is being replaced.

Bravo LS355


This easy-to-carry pager has a host of advanced features that helps users stay in touch. There are 16 message slots, with 6 individual addresses. Messages are time stamped, and can be erased selectively or all at once. There's memory backup, a message full indicator, silent vibration, and a large backlit display for superb readability.

Bravo LS355


Range Paging understands your changing lifestyle needs, so we're offering the Motorola Bravo Classic pager. This classic has enhanced features, such as 16 message slots, message time stamping, time of day, silent & audible message alerts, & a selective erase.…Because Classics never go out of style.


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